The Texas Aging Network is a complete directory of resources, services, and living options
for Texas Seniors

Whatever kind of senior housing, services, resources or information you want to find in Texas, The Texas Aging Network has the answers. As you browse through our pages, you will find information on elder care, assisted living, Alzheimer's facilities, nursing homes, continuing care communities, home health agencies, geriatric care managers, hospice care, adult daycare, elder law, Medicare, Medicaid, and local community resources. Bookmark The Texas Aging Network and check back frequently to view new listings, tips, and articles for Texas seniors and those who care about them.


How to use The Texas Aging Network:

First: Select the type of Texas resource, service, residence or information you would like to know more about. If you aren't sure what you need, read more about your options in the Caregivers' Corner. Unlike most resource sites, Texas Aging Network does not require any resource to pay us to be listed, so our inventory of options is as complete as we can make it:

Second: Choose the town or city where you would like to search.

Third: Call or visit the resources you would like to know more about.


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