Elder Care Consulting
& Management

A professional elder care counselor or geriatric care manager works together with families to evaluate their current situation and find resources to meet each person's individual wants and needs. An experienced professional counselor can reduce the care burden and prevent inappropriate placement.

Families of frail older people often make decisions in crisis. A professional care counselor or manager can cut through the red tape, give advice with first-hand knowledge of the resources available, and save valuable time when time is not an available luxury.

A good counselor will work with the senior and the family to identify where spending a little money will save money in the long run, and will always make preserving financial assets a priority.

Geriatric care managers and counselors are usually paid in one of two ways:

By the Client: The care counselor works directly for the senior and the family. The counselor will bill the client directly for services. There is no relationship between the care counselor and the facilities or services recommended.

By the Facility or Service: Some care counselors work directly for senior service providers or receive a referral commission from facilities or service providers.