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The Free Texas Legal Hotline


The Texas Legal Hotline provides Texans age 60 and above with legal advice and referrals from attorneys. While their primary focus is to provide legal service to Texans with low incomes who have limited access to legal advice, the Texas Legal Hotline can answer basic legal questions from any Texas senior.

Common concerns often addressed by both paid and volunteer hotline lawyers include questions about Medicaid, food stamps, senior housing assistance and SSI. Other common issues that consumers call about include debt collection, advance planning and estate planning issues, powers of attorney, and housing and consumer problems.

Responding attorneys will evaluate the caller's legal situation and inform them whether the Texas Legal Hotline can assist with their case. If a client appears to need ongoing legal representation, or if the legal case is not of the kind that this legal aid service can accept, the caller will receive one or more referrals to attorneys who have agreed to work on a reduced fee basis.

The Legal Hotline also has a number of informational publications available on their website or through the mail for Texans over the age of 60. Topics include alternatives to guardianship, wills and probate, public benefits, consumer and debtor rights, health care rights, and nursing homes. Readers should be aware that not all publications offered on the website are completely up-to-date. Always double-check your information before relying on anything you download.

Telephone lines at the Hotline are often very busy. You may have to leave a message.

The Texas Legal Hotline is located at
815 Brazos, Suite 1100
Austin, Texas 78701
1 (800) 622-2520 or
(512) 477-3950

You can also reach them by using the Texas Legal Hotline website

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