Low Income Housing


Low Income/Subsidized
Housing in Texas


Subsidized Housing is the term used to designate housing that has been partially or fully financed by the government. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) manages the majority of affordable housing programs in the US.

These residences - multi-unit apartments, garden homes, and smaller two to eight-unit residences - are not owned by HUD. They are privately owned and managed. Prospective tenants should contact the individual housing manager to inquire about vacancies and individual application processes.

When you apply for subsidized housing you will be required to submit documentation disclosing your income. You will then have to periodically "recertify" that you continue to be eligible for subsidized housing.

Many subsidized or low income housing developments maintain waiting lists because they have more applicants than they have vacancies. It pays to investigate your alternatives for affordable housing as early as possible to place yourself on any waiting lists and increase your options.